fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

Celebrity Love Hero

pd productions

Philip’s warm and witty one man show combines stand-up, songs and story as he rummages through themes of celebrity, love and heroism.

Thrill to his story of Keira Knightley’s bottom. Add to his list of people with very silly names. Luxuriate in the strangest of love songs. And join Philip in re-enacting the climax of England’s amazing draw in last year’s Third Test at Cape Town (could you become heroic bowler-turned-batsman Graham Onions?).

Along the way Philip invites his audience to create parts of the show with him, not at their expense but as co-conspirators in a welter of intelligent stupidity.

‘Celebrity Love Hero’ is suitable for anyone aged 16 or over who likes long words and won’t mind when Philip rambles on about people’s bits.

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Audience reviews:

'Philip's test match cricket re-enactment was great fun and absolutely hilarious'
(Neil, Stroud)

'Impossible not to giggle at - really enjoyed it'
(Alison, Cheltenham)

'Nobody could tell Philip's stories the way Philip tells them'
(James, Stonehouse)



age 16+

70 mins