fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

Spectacular Vernacular (second stanza)

After their success at the Barnstaple Fringe last year, Spectacular Vernacular returns to tickle our taste buds with a second stanza, a plethora of potent poetry. Covering a variety of subjects from train journeys to green socks and dysfunctional families to mince pies, we are treated to 60 minutes of wall to wall poetry.

The poems are emotional, improvised, funny and sensuous, but most of all they are exciting and new. Did you know that "Beer doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean - against walls and doors".

The production is well rehearsed and fluently delivered. Even if poetry isn't your '˜thing' give this a try, you could well be converted.

Sheila Wilson The Fringe Secrets