fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

The Party (Two Short Plays)

The Wind Up Theatre Company tackle gritty subjects in two one Act plays each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

The first, Abominable Suffragettes by Suze Gardner is set in 1918. Some hilarious moments are witnessed as Thomas (the disapproving husband) and Lillian his excitable and soon to be suffragette wife, experience a series of communication breakdowns, culminating in a visit from Lord Astor himself. Be prepared for the twist in the tale.

The second, The Honest Politician, by Lucy Bell tells the story of wife swapping (as secretaries you understand) to escape the rules of the post expenses scandal. A series of headlines lead us through the ensuing debacle as honest politician Grapey Graham fights to literarily hold on to his Lib Dem seat.

Both shows are cleverly written and complimented by their casts and both definitely merit their place here at the fringe, I defy you not to laugh.

Sheila Wilson The Fringe Secrets