fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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Street Child

Cotton Grass Theatre

The gripping and exciting story of a Victorian orphan, surviving the dangerous and lonely streets of London, is brought to life in a visual feast of puppetry, projection and live action by Cotton Grass Theatre and Damselfly Arts.

Based on Berlie Doherty’s novel of the same name, this engaging and heart-breaking family show dramatises the stories and adventures of Jim Jarvis and his meeting with Dr Barnardo, who was later inspired to set up his famous Ragged Schools.

Berlie Doherty is an award winning children’s writer and novelist and two times Carnegie Medal winner- Granny was a Buffer Girl and Dear Nobody, both of which have been adapted and produced for stage, TV and radio. Her books are much loved in schools, nationally and internationally. Street Child is enjoyed as a standard text in primary schools across the country, where it supports the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

“The company renowned for pushing back the boundaries delivered the goods... imaginative and innovative...”  The Derbyshire Times  (about Into the Rose Garden)

“Gentle and enchanting... what theatrical storytelling is all about.” (about Black Bread and Tired Feet)




age 8+

70 mins