fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs

Jenny Wren Productions

Jenny Wren Productions are a Gloucestershire-based company who enjoy discovering and staging little-known but interesting plays, such as this one:

By Simone Benmussa, translated by Barbara Wright

A strange life his was, and mysterious – mysterious, because when he died, we learnt that Albert was a woman.

1860s Dublin. Albert Nobbs is an apparently unassuming and exemplary waiter in a large hotel. However, he is harbouring a secret that remains largely undiscovered until his death: he is actually a woman, posing as a man in order to obtain work and avoid destitution. But this leads to destitution of a more personal kind, as ‘Albert’ can only stumble through life, wondering ‘what if…?’ until a chance encounter with a fellow ‘perhapser’ leaves ‘him’ clinging to unrealistic dreams of domestic happiness.

Jenny Wren Productions make their TheatreFest debut with this tragic true story of lost identity.


age 14+

70 mins