fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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Spectacular Vernacular... in 3D!

Mish Mash Productions

We have something deeply important to tell you, our distilled thoughts seeking to recapture the essence of a moment, a memory, a feeling big or small. It's vibrant, passionate, powerful and engaging. It's about emotion, truth, rhythm and expression. Challenging the boundaries between poetry, rap, song and performance it's the return of ...Spectacular Vernacular 3D!

Last year independent Fringe Reviewer Sheila Wilson said "a plethora of potent poetry. The poems are emotional, improvised, funny and sensuous, but most of all they are exciting and new. The production is well rehearsed and fluently delivered. Even if poetry isn't your 'thing' give this a try, you could well be converted."

2009 Reviewer Vicky Webb said "Come and experience something beautiful at the fringe this weekend!.....a truly evocative piece that is only made possible by the exuberant passion and understanding that this cast holds for their subjects...I would encourage everyone to come along to Spectacular Vernacular for a fresh and exciting experience where the power of poetry is brought to life."

Spectacular Vernacular explores ways of presenting words and pairs them with performance ideas to express themes in life we can all identify with. This year our writers seem preoccupied with time: the changes it brings to us, our environment, and our relationships, how we can be inside or outside of a moment, our ability to reminisce, and time's inescapable nature. Please make time to see us! We promise to continue to be as diverse as possible in mood, style, and method, and attempt to offer something for all tastes which will enrich your day.

“Our thanks to all those whose words contributed to or were performed in the show this year, they are credited here due to a technical hitch in displaying these names on the Thursday performance.

Thank you to:
Colleen Davis
Claire Johns
Adam Godfrey
Terry Dye
Marianne MacRae
Rebbecca Cook
Kate Willerton-Gill
Bryony Chave-Cox
Zachary Chave-Cox
Matthew Stacey
Hannah Shuttlewood
Sarah Joy Wickes
Paul Barnes

Our Thanks also goes to all those who performed and Created the show including:
Guitarist: Joe Simons,
Director: Bryony Chave–Cox,
Producer/Stage manager: Phillipa Cartmell,
Assistant Producer: Hannah Shuttlewood,

Performers: Liz Hayton,
Susan Waters,
Zac Chave-Cox,
Bryony Chave-Cox,
Hannah Shuttlewood,
and Hamish Patrick and Beverly Neighbour who recorded poetry for the show.

Many Thanks to the many others who contributed to this show by supporting the actors, cast, producers and director. Including the fantastic support of our friends and families and the vital and turning the show around from the brink of despair support of Theatrefest Co-Directors Bill and Gill. Also thanks to all the backstage team technicians Liam and Joe, and all the Theatrefest and Queens Theatre staff, management, front of house, publicity, box office, volunteer support etc. Special thanks to Tom Nordon for helping us source a last minute guitarist and to Julie Whitton ad Graham Bell for sourcing last minute performers. Thanks also to those who had to pull out of the show due to last minute unavoidable changes to your work and family schedules and pressures: Chris Moxey, Carol Vincent-Smythe, Dan Pollack and Patrick you were all genuinely missed, thanks for your support and for helping us put together this show.

performance poetry
age 12+

60 mins