fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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A Wish Under Pressure

Out There Theatre

We all have our own stories, our own secrets, hopes and desires. But there are some things we aren't willing to share, things we won't admit even to ourselves. 

Our own stories change when they are intercepted by another's but is this always for the best? Do we feel so pressured to be in a relationship that we are content to be unhappy within it if it promises security for the future? Am I happy for my story - my wish to remain under his pressure?

Out There Theatre gives you an invitation to trespass into a vibrant new piece of storytelling and physical theatre.

Out There Theatre Company originated in Barnstaple back in 2008 when their first production "We're All Human" received fabulous feedback at the Fringe TheatreFest. After a short break the company returns with a new cast and their new production "A Wish Under Pressure" which promises a powerful combination of storytelling and physical theatre.

Out There is now primarily based in Bath where they have a very busy schedule lined up for next year which, alongside storytelling and physical theatre, involves street theatre and site specific work! They are delighted to be back in Barnstaple at the Fringe TheateFest this year. Follow them on Twitter @OTTheatre, or find them on Facebook!


physical theatre
age 14+

30 mins

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