fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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Mad Jack and the Severn Bore

Spaniel In the Works Theatre Company

This one man performance looks at the remarkable life and daring exploits of “Mad Jack” Churchill, commando, archer, concentration camp escapee, bagpipe player and the first man to surf the Severn Bore.

In 1955, Colonel John Fleming Churchill became the first person to surf the Severn Bore. But this was only one of his daring exploits. Known as "Mad Jack" he made a solo motorcycle ride across Burma, played the bagpipes at the top of Vesuvius and as a commando he led his men into battle carrying his claybeg sword. This one hour performance is a remarkable tale celebrating his adventures.

"Any man who goes into battle without his sword is not properly prepared.

Mad Jack and the Severn Bore has been created in partnership with Gloucestershire Archives and the Museum in the Park, Stroud and is supported by the Arts Council."






age 12+

60 mins