fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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Through the Eyes of a Journalist

What?Theatre Company

What would it be like to exist in a world of cruelty where a show of emotion could lead to your demise? “What? Theatre Company” invites you to investigate the complex and undiscovered world of the Journalist.  


What? Theatre Company are a brand new and exciting company participating in our first ever festival. We were formed with the aim of developing promising A-level Theatre into rounded performances that challenge a contemporary audience. Our fresh young cast and various performance styles combine to create a unique experience for any audience.

Through the Eyes of a Journalist is an exciting home grown piece of Theatre that challenges the society that we live in. Using innovative performance techniques, the piece explores the complex world of Journalism and the way it affects both us as a society and in some cases, the journalists themselves. How many times have you read an article, or watched a documentary and actually considered the journalist who brought it to you? For us the answer was never! After reading an article by the famous investigative journalist Nick Davies we found ourselves suddenly intrigued by the role of a journalist; the idea that journalists often find themselves caught in the middle between the world they come from and the one in which they are reporting on creates a mysterious contradiction thatís translation to the stage creates both a vulnerable and intense atmosphere.

We have very much enjoyed working on this project and hope that you too feel both challenged and entertained by our performance. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your valuable feedback!


age 14+

45 mins

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