fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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How to Climb Mount Everest

Autojeu Theatre

This really is one not to miss. Autojou comprises of two very different cast members both extremely funny in their own way. Through mime, puppetry and lots of action we are invited to experience one man’s rise from bored and broke office worker to intrepid mountaineer. The narrator explains to us that ‘All life starts in the same way, it just unfolds differently’. Autojou’s rendition of a human photocopier is hilarious, and there are many impromptu moments to be enjoyed. This performance was enjoyed by the whole audience, regardless of age. If you go away with one memory of this performance it should be ‘Embrace the Spoon’!
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Funny, great movement, loved the sound effects!! Love OTTheatre x

Grippingly funny and wonderbubble. Age 10

Completely funny. Age 8 Tom

Amazing! Unbelievable physical control! Held my attention completely! Will be back again! What? Theatre Company

Funny and imaginative. Worth watching! OTTheatre.

- Amazing - really funny! OTTheatre


I want to climb Everest with Aldo too!


everest was awesome!

Entertaining and comical. Physical theatre at its very best.

INCREDIBLY SKILLFUL best afternoon I've had for ages! Please come back next year.


Brill - brill brill - thank you

Wonderful thanks.

absolutely amazing - love the physical theatre! definitely recommend to watch! What? Theatre Company

I haven't laughed so much in years. A must see.