fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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Street Child

Cotton Grass Theatre

This innovative play is quite literally spellbinding. With the use of a few simple props and some very believable puppetry, the cast of three transports us back to the horrors faced by young boys in Victorian England. Jim is faced with life in the workhouse after his mother dies and we are witness to the viscous mistreatment he suffers within and all in the name of ‘God’. Jim escapes but as a victim of the time, he goes from one bad situation to another. The grim reality is that boys suffered terrible cruelty and ‘Naught gets much better until you’re dead’. A flawless performance from Cotton Grass Theatre and a definite must see!
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Brilliant stuff guys. Puppetry gorgeous and story so full of pathos and emotion. Thanks.

Fabulous! Much better than the book!

Was read the story in school. Excellent. Thank you.

Very powerful and moving. Puppetry and characters cleverly done.

Great theatre! Well done.

Very moving, beautifully performed. OTT Theatre.

Really wonderful, heart-lifting story! Loved it :) OTT Theatre.

Street Child was a good play and I'll be recommending it to friends coming on other days. Well done.

Incredibly moving - a story powerfully told with excellent use of puppets and props. Well done to the actors. People need to see this.

Wondiful it was really good.

Amazing. When is a ladder not a ladder. Sue.