fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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Bed & Breakfast

Hot Ice Theatre

We are welcomed into the front room of the Bed and Breakfast in ‘Hive Corner by our host ‘Carol Carpenter.’ Through audience participation she effectively engages the crowd who are playing the role of guests staying at her abode. We soon learn that she is the hub of village gossip, and her rants are interspersed with delicious deadpan wit. The script is delivered scrupulously precise and is packed with humour and poignancy. The music takes us from one scene to the next with results that are highly enjoyable. This repressed housewife is not what she seems! A definite must see.
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review at Arts and Entertainment North Devon


Loved it, what a performance! Excellent. Thank you very much x

Subtle, sharp and sly writing, witty and enjoyable.

V. good

Wonderful, so much humour and the village could be in N. Devon!

Very clever, it drew me in, very enjoyable.

Very funny, superbly observed. A real gem. Must see!

Akin to the humour of Victoria Wood! A must see of the fringe. OTT Theatre.

Brilliant. Well done.

Always keep your foliage tidy! Su

Fantastic! Loved it. Thank you!

Oh Carol! Sue

Absolutely amazing - a must see!! OTT Theatre

Absolutely Excellent

This is MY LIFE!!

Excellent. Funny. Beautifully performed.