fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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Loose Tongues

Inkling Productions

The scene is set at the late ‘Bernard Stephens’ funeral, and with the six characters scattered around the room amongst the audience in an intimate setting, it makes you feel part of the performance. As the story unravels, with the wine flowing and emotions running high, tongues begin to loosen, revealing each very different character’s ‘true’ feelings towards the deceased! There is a charming mix of stroppy gothic teenager, a pretty young woman whose nerves are ravaged, driving her to drink, a forgotten relative, an envious brother, a business man who takes advice from his pet parrot, and Deano the lady’s man who drives an ice-cream van. Bringing individual elements that shadow true life The script combines an entertaining dialogue, full of wit, bursting with humour yet touching on tragedy that is superbly executed.
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Well written with dark & light - typical! Loved it. Many thanks. Great graphics.

Witty, bursting with humour yet touching on tragedy. Excellent performances.

Great fun, thought-provoking and very professional!

Great writing. Peter Almond brilliant.

Powerful stuff full of humour and pathos...

Very entertaining - excellent comic timing - great venue.

Great - entertaining and v. humorous

Entertaining - but I'm not sure that the format worked.

Brilliant dialogue! Loved it. Thank you.