fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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A Corner of the Ocean

Jammy Voo

This unique drama about four different women who are struggling through life will have you gripped from the beginning. The carefully constructed stage setting gives you four different scenes, from which each storyteller tell their tale. The acting is performed with such precision that while watching one, you can watch the remaining three play out their roles. This drama touches on emotions and at times is incredible moving which gives you empathy for the characters, though the comical element gives a balance throughout.

This is a journey of women on the edge that are drowning in life. It has a dramatic dialogue, lighting, and music that accompany a superb script. Though preformed to perfection it will leave you feeling haunted and coming away with tingling cheeks.
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Moments made me laugh out loud with pleasure at the magic you'd created. Thank you.

Stunning - just stunning. OTT Theatre.


I feel shaken by the lonely women.

Wonderfully mopving. Thank you so much.

Fantastic! So slick and very emotional.


Absolutly loved a corner of the ocean. Please please ask the Queens Theatre if you can bring it back here. I want to see it again so much. It really touched me, I couldn't quite tell you how or why. I'll articulate it later. It made me laugh, it made me cry.

Remarkable; performance and story. Best @ the Fringe. OTT Theatre.

Beautiful! Songs so melodic. Areas of stage and use of it v. intelligent. S. Gibbs - Autojeu.

Fabulous! I was gripped by every story. Lara.

Amazing, technically brilliant. Well done. Love Out There Theatre

Awesome Theatre. I loved it. Moving, clever, funny - top notch. Ami.

Top, top, skill and precision from 5 amazing performers - I always wanted to train at Lecoq and I'm dead jealous! Stu.

Best theatre of the fringe. Brilliant.