fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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A Wish Under Pressure

Out There Theatre

We are treated to an extremely energetic performance by this very talented and committed young theatre company. Through intense mime, dance and musical performance, we are shown how quickly a love story can turn to into a violent and yet dependent relationship. The protagonistís alter ego tells her that her dependency is wrong, but is unable to convince her to walk away and save herself. The audience are invited to offer their advice on her situation. This is a very physical piece of theatre and makes for tough watching. Be sure to watch for the success of these three talented young people in the future.
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What a powerful performance!

The use of words and movement was very powerful. Music inspiration to the piece.

Frighteningly real - unfortunately

Very Fast Action Packed!!

Powerful, challenging, brave. Well done.

so true! x

Great performance - very powerful.

Very good show well acted. Could see it again and again. Well done.

An energetic performance - definitely worth seeing!