fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

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The Brown Parachute

White Hippos Productions

One of the best explanations of what went wrong with world finances in recent times, that you are likely to see, ever, delivered with a good balance of physical humour, political sniggers and punchy drama-
Bryony Chave-Cox, Mish Mash Productions


A wonderful portrayal of why the country is suffering from the current financial crisis.

It is 2008 and Eternity Finance, who lend money to the big banks are about to ‘fail’. Employee Colin ‘Futures’ downstairs, enlists the reluctant help of Kevin unsuccessful ‘Fund Manager’ upstairs, with a view to defrauding the tax payer in the bailout of Northern Rock.

A very cleverly researched piece of theatre, explaining ‘Banking Failure for Dummies’, with the aid of a packet of Revels and a glass of water. Oh yes! And of course ‘It’s all Thatches fault’.

White Hippos return with a bang to the Fringe for their 5th consecutive successful year.
Fringe Secrets


Wonderful! An interesting and funny depiction of the hugely significant financial events of '08

beautifully darkly comic - wonderfully political. OTTheatre x

funny & informative

Great show - all too true... and the best explanation I've heard.

I now understand what happened so thank you! Was funny but in a way that you knew it was serious. Brilliant acting. Love OTTheatre

Excellent - finally sopmething that can explain what all that was about!!! No more blank faces and nods should be needed in serious conversations by anyone! See this show. Funny and informative. A bizarre and truthful mix.

Very, very, very, VERY funny

Highly informative and worth seeing. From OTTheatre