Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012



Fractal have been mapping the territory of "out there" for a about a year, getting pretty comfortable improvising across genres, dropping in to fresh grooves, sliding over newly minted melodies, trading licks and turning on a hair like it's what they always knew they were going to do.

So, just to make things properly exciting, they've added another dimension through some of Devon and Cornwalls most adventurous Contemporary and Middle Eastern dancers who spontaneously co-create with them (they don't just dance to the music: the musicians respond to their movement as well).

A true instantaneous collaboration with sound and movement interacting, each with the other, in a performance that doesn't push boundaries but glides elegantly past them as if they weren't there.

The photo is of Jessica Li, one of our contemporary dancers, in a previous project on the Jurassic Coast: creative, flexible and totally fearless.


improv-dance, music
age 12+

60 mins