Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012


Interwoven Theatre

Severance is an expression, combining movement and theatre, of the deep personal wounds caused by “austerity” and “cuts”; the language of our times. It is a gritty reminder that these things are happening to people already managing the loss and conflict of difficult lives.

Through uncompromising personal stories, interwoven with music and movement, Severance highlights the human meaning of living within economic constraint and the cost to those already on the margins of our society. Severance gives voice to the people we push to the outside and brings hope through humour and defiance.

Interwoven Theatre is a collaboration between Director Alistair Ganley, Writer JoJo Spinks and the Dance/Choreography duo Trash Dollys.






dance, theatre
age 16+

70 mins