Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

"i never did..."

Jessie Percival

Swirling wildly through the lines and squares of everyday domestic
norms, i never did … is a dance-theatre solo which fragments the
playful poetics of A.A Milne as a route to explore social codes of
behaviour and what it really means to grow up.

Chalking her way back into her Grandmothers living room, Jessie creates a place where disobedient dances are tempered by lone waltzs, and where constructions of childhood and adulthood are ruptured; so we never really know who is making or breaking the rules.

i never did … is an energetic and touching solo that searches to recall a lost childhood through smudging the sub-text of Milne’s fiction with the performers own memories.

“Devised and performed by first-class Dartington alumni, Jessie Percival, i never did … showcases Jessie’s distinguished movement style, which is at once fearless and vulnerable; dynamic yet intimate.”

Jessie Percival is a Bristol-based dance artist, whose interest’s lie in finding playful interactions to create deep emotional meanings. She endeavors to make work that does not alienate people, whilst challenging pre-conceptions of the world. She has an interdisciplinary practice of performance, installation, dance- film and curation and has worked closely with The Mechanical Animal Corporation, Willi Dorner, Cirque Bijou, Cross Collaborations, Ausform Platform of Performance and Pea and Pea Collaborations. Jessie is also part of ‘Interval’, an artist-led support network for Bristol based performance makers.

i never did... has been made with the support of public funding from the Arts Council England and the National Lottery.


age 12+

30 mins