Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

Links With Lit

Pete Castle

An entertaining mixture of songs, stories and scholarship.

The written word and the oral tradition have always been mutually influencing. Some of the first printed stories had been told for generations. In turn they have influenced future tellings. It’s a never ending circle.

This production illustrates the links between the oral folk tradition and literature.

Pete Castle, (folk singer and storyteller) will tell stories and sing songs which have influenced literature; which were influenced by literature; or which just remind one of works of literature.

There will be mentions of SHAKESPEARE, CHAUCER, KEATS, DICKENS, THOMAS HARDY and others.

When Shakespeare, in Much Ado About Nothing, had Benedick casually say:
“Like the old tale, my lord: it is not so, nor twas not so,
and God forbid it should be so”
he assumed his audience would know what the old tale’ was — it was a casual aside, rather like slipping in a reference to ‘bankers' bonuses’ would be today. If you don’t know what that ‘old tale’ is then come along and hear it. It’s a good one!

PETE CASTLE has been a professional storyteller and folk musician for over 30 years. He’s worked all over the UK and abroad. He’s recorded prolifically (and will obviously have CDs available to buy!) is the editor of Facts & Fiction storytelling magazine and has written both Derbyshire Folk Tales and Nottinghamshire Folk Tales for The History Press’s series of county folk tales books.


storytelling, music, song
age 14+

60 mins and