Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

Cover Story

Pilot's Thumb Theatre

Paul is a contented and confirmed bachelor living on his own when Louise moves in next door. Their tentative friendship leads to consequences that he could never have imagined when Louise goes missing.

“They’ve got nothing on you but you're all they’ve got”

Louise is gregarious, Louise is popular, Louise is attractive... Paul is a loner, Paul is odd, Paul was the last person to see her; does that make him a murderer?

Pilot’s Thumb are a South West based theatre company committed to tackling controversial issues by work-shopping and devising towards performances which are thought-provoking without being dogmatic.

In this their latest piece they explore the devastating consequences of an unresolved accusation and an unscrupulous press campaign.


age 14+

40 mins