Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

The Chocolate Paradox

Plain Quakers

The Chocolate Paradox is a comedy with a hard centre. It explores the landscape of economic injustice - tax evasion, sub-prime selling, bankers' bonuses, economic slavery, and outright fraud.

In a small Yorkshire town a group of friends struggle to make sense of global financial skullduggery. When Morris finds his old friend Albert has acquired an inexplicable interest in the Quakers he is naturally worried. He joins an amateur drama group where venerated local entrepreneur Ambrose is producing a play about Morris's boyhood hero, George Cadbury, "the inventor of the most delicious chocolate bar ever". A sure-fire winner that will run and run and a pint and a half in every bar! Morris is surprised to learn that Cadbury was a Quaker, and Albert finds out that Quakers have a thing or two to say about how to maintain honesty and integrity in the uncertain world of business. But in the real world things are tight: can Ted's cafe and Trevor's barber shop survive the credit crunch? Is '˜The Bursar' a reliable source of financial wisdom? Why are things today in such a mess? And there's something about Alice!

Plain Quakers is a theatrical partnership founded in 2007 by Arthur Pritchard and Mike Casey. Using simple story-telling theatre and minimal resources, the company aims to raise awareness of Quaker concerns and traditions through plays that are relevant and accessible, and that encourage an active engagement with Quaker testimonies on peace, simplicity, and ethical living, in the context of contemporary global capitalism.


age 14+

60 mins