Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

Trouble and Strife

Sue Smith, Jane Castree and Jules Laville

Photograph: Kevin Clifford, Dancer: Alex Hocking

Cross-art collaborations create an evening of original work, inspired by International Women’s Day

Handmade in Plymouth

Commissioned by Plymouth Dance, supported by the Barbican Theatre and Dartington Hall Trust and funded by the Arts Council England.

and i was like wow

Taking descriptions of performances done and seen as starting points, new dances have emerged from the ways in which we listen to, interpret and remember texts. Shared and personal narratives, stage directions, and fragments of movement material have been recycled amid the problems and frustrations of reinventing dances passed.

The Augmented Subject: Moving From the Body

The audience is invited to perceive the multiple layers of movement within the body and experience the synthesis between the internal and external. The dancers physical energy combines with the biometric analysis system to enable a multi sensory perspective of the performers heartbeats and access to their thoughts…


A dance about mothers; having them, searching for them, being them and losing them. Everyone has a mother; our relationship with our mother defines significantly who we are and how we behave in the world. This ‘Mother’ takes her audience on a timeless journey of emotional extremes, from the most acidic tears to the most connected laughter.


age 12+

60 mins