Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

The Last Lunch

Something Underground Theatre Company

Winner Best New Play Award, Brighton Fringe 2012

It's Sunday lunch, and where the roast should be, there's a tofu wiener casserole instead.

Albert, a butcher, is mortified and questions his wife Jean who has put it on the table. Why has she? Because one of their twins, Mark, a vegan, and his opinionated vegan spiritual-midwife girlfriend Julie are on their way round for lunch, and Albert takes it all very personally.

Twin sister Maddy is also on her way with her 16yr old daughter, Hannah, who has an intense personal secret she needs to share.

All are converging on Albert's house for Sunday lunch, plus farmer Pete, (father to Hannah's dreamy boyfriend, Andy), abattoir worker Dave, (and his set of large knives), Andy, Sam (Albert's youngest just back from fighting in Afghanistan) and the spirits of some of the animals that Dave, Pete and Albert have, between them, been instrumental in dispatching.

All is set for a monumental clash of beliefs, values, knives, and hearts.

Living on beef and dairy farms, one spends hours listening to the animals, their cries to each other, to the wind and to the gods. In The Last Lunch, butchers and vegans find strange common ground, and common ancient knowledge, locked away in tombs buried for millennia.

Now deeply hidden secrets must emerge, and new disturbing secret pacts must be made. A blood blessing is required. To seal the family in,...for ever.

The Last Lunch '.....think "The Archers",......... only with more Vegans, more Acid,..........oh... and more Ritual Murder.'


age 14+

75 mins