Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

Women of an Uncertain Age

Flip Webster and Maggie Bourgein

Middle-aged women: an Endangered Species. Come and view them close-up in their unnatural habitats. Marvel at their survival techniques and their extraordinary use of camouflage. Are we too old for careers, sex and a social life? Who says?

Plastic surgery and toy boys, ageing parents and children who won't leave home: these and other worries get the Wii taken out of them.

Through sketches, monologues and music, we share what it means to be thirty plus ... well alright, thirty plus, plus ... well alright, 30XL, in the 21st Century.

Flip and Maggie are ageless performers who have
worked in all media - film, tv, radio, theatre,
stand-up, improv, cabaret, voiceovers and
street corners.

Quotes from audience members:
'Awesome' - Phil
'Good script - excellent delivery. Very funny.'
'These two are funny! I would have laughed til
I cried if I hadn't had botox.'


age 14+

50 mins