Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

How to Start a Riot

Worklight Theatre

It is the first trip to Barnstaple for Worklight Theatre and they are bringing their new devised show, How to Start a Riot.

How many riots were there in Tottenham in August 2011? What does COBRA stand for? If the actions are mindless, what’s in the mind?

Three performers use text, torchlight and physical theatre to unpick the presumed causes of civil unrest.


Worklight Theatre work closely with leading social psychologist Prof. Alex Haslam, and crowd psychologist Dr. Clifford Stott to explore misconceptions of what happens in riots, and what causes them. Work on the project started in September 2011, soon after the UK Riots in the summer. Worklight Theatre are based in a city where riots did not occur but were exposed, like everyone, to their effects by the media and by politicians. They questioned from the start how much these accounts really explained what happened, and why.

As a company, Worklight delve into social and crowd psychology, as well as historical and personal accounts, to try and get to the bottom of it.


Worklight Theatre is an Exeter based theatre company consisting of three members: Callum Elliott-Archer, Michael Woodman and Joe Sellman-Leava. They are all driven by a passion to create new, original pieces of theatre that give the audience a unique experience.




devised drama, physical theatre
age 14+

50 mins