Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 21-24 2012

Yo Yo Re-Entangled

Yo Yo

Yo Yo get re-entangled in their 2005 debut piece " Entanglement" that brought the triptych collaboration together.

Performed to Tom Nordon's stunning original score, the piece explores a human response to the scientific concept of quantum entanglement. When particles becomes entangled their properties remain intrinsically connected despite separation; here the human observer becomes the quantum detector.

Tracing the train of thought triggered by a scientific theory, the dance puts its’ concepts sensitively and imaginatively before us, highlighting our ability to take on each others ‘properties’ in relationships almost imperceptively and our subtle desire to maintain our individuality alongside our inter-dependence. Finally, we stand alone, a strange mixture of all the people we have known, their influence on us and the individual we hope to have become.

“Two particles can interact in such a way that their individual properties become ‘entangled’.They may appear to influence one another instantaneously, whether they’re in the same room or at opposite ends of the Universe” New Scientist, August 2005.

YoYo Triptych was formed in 2006 by Cathy Richards, Clare China and Helen Watts with the aim of creating contemporary dance in and for North Devon whenever the opportunity arises around busy family and working lives!


age 14+

30 mins