Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 20-23 2013

Letters from another Island

Almost Human

A work of live film-making that follows a group of 20-somethings, musing on their own first-world problems and some problems that are very much of another world. Miniature sets, model railways, cardboard cut-outs and old toys: a celebration of the lo-fi, analogue and hand-made.

Letters from another Island is a work of live filmmaking in which the fragmentary process of film production are laid before an audience as theatre. By using green screen technology to superimpose actors onto six miniaturised ‘film set’ environments, along with a soundtrack provided by Foley art and voice-over techniques, Almost Human attempts to simulate the full cinematic experience live.

Handmade camera tracks, model railway parts, cardboard cut-outs and old toys that might seem primitive by today’s film industry standard; we manipulate these older, analogue technologies to a new and vibrant purpose in the creation of a very different fictional world.

This world features six different character monologues, a thunderstorm, four music videos and an alien abduction; all highlighting the plight of a group of 20-somethings, musing on their own first world problems and some problems that are very much of another world.

The work’s primary concern is an investigation into the potential of having this fictitious world cohabiting with the processes of its manufacture. Letters from another Island seeks to destabilise the hierarchies of process and product to give equal footing to each, as valid forms of expression. What is created is a celebration of the lo-fi, hand-made and do-it-yourself as well as a fictional world that has varying proximity to our own.


experimental theatre, film as theatre, performance/installation
age 16+
one moment of strong language
55 mins