Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 20-23 2013


a collaboration between Minou Tsambika Polleros and Mads Floor Andersen

'Places are about relationships, about the placing of people, materials, images and the system of differences that they perform. At the same time as places are dynamic, they are also about proximities, about bodily copresence of people who happen to be in that place of that time, doing activities together.’ - Mimi Sheller and John Urry (The new mobilities paradigm)

…And…Here…And…There…And… is a constantly evolving environment, taking place in the public sphere. Asking for interruptions and dialogues. This durational site-work is constantly evolving its own and the surrounding landscape, by moving twenty chairs around, into various formations. Simultaneously pedestrians and people passing by are invited to have a seat and enjoy the view and landscape around them.

Process and thoughts behind the project

…And…Here…And…There…And… has been inspired by a couple of projects: So fa so good in Aberfal by Paul White and Mads Floor Andersen, Simon Whitehead’s Tableland as well as Vlatka Hovat‘s durational performance This Here and That There. Yet the performance sprung out of a research process working on a current exploration/research/performance called Let’s Breathe in the Dragons, which is still unfolding. The ideas and thoughts behind this performance are simple and were born out of a small desire of being able to sit down and perceive what is around us. To sit is to dwell and relax – it creates a sense of place. To move is to open up and to be in flux. This performance is a play on these two aspects, of how they are separate and how they infiltrate each other, and how they are in a constant dialogue with each other. Philosopher Gilles Deleuze speaks of a dialogue as ‘And…And…And…’*, and the performance tries explore this idea, through interrupting place and reshaping it again in a different formation – inviting people to have a seat and perceive this place they are in from a different perspective of movement and settlement.


So fa so good in Aberfal, Let’s Breathe in the Dragons


This Here and That There

Deleuze, G. and Parnet, C., 1977. Dialogues. Translated from French by Hugh Tomlinson & Barbara Habbarjam. Reprint, London: The Athlone Press, 1987.


site-specific performance
age 0+

up to 8 hours