Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 20-23 2013



Set in 1941, Scallywags is inspired by the extraordinary but true stories of the Auxiliary Units – men and women enlisted in secret during WW2, trained in stealth, sabotage and assassination, and intended to be Britain's final defence in the event of Nazi occupation. Recruited at the local post office and given a gallon of rum to help them withstand torture if captured, the Scallywags came from all walks of life, yet their identity was top secret, sometimes even to each other. Amongst their number it is believed were prominent figures such as JB Priestley, Michael Foot, George Orwell and a rollerskating boy scout!.

Storytelling at its creative best, SOOP's ensemble bring this hidden history to life with their unique blend of physical daring, original live music and boundless imagination. An inspired and magical set unfolds in front of your very eyes, inviting the audience into the secret world of the Scallywags. Often hilarious, sometimes poignant and startling, Scallywags dares to ask the question – what if the invasion actually happened?

"A fresh, entertaining and ultimately moving play... a highly-visual and physical performance, from an experienced and professional company. ★★★★"
Fringe Guru

"fresh and exciting...I would highly recommend the company and this show to anyone heading to a fringe festival during its UK tour. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. ★★★★"
Fringe Review

"A powerful performance that was full of energy and pace. If you get a chance to see this you should. ★★★★★"

"an extremely well told comedy drama, with loads of exciting moments and originality! Jolly good show old bean!"
Buxton Fringe

About SOOP
SOOP is the resident company at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre in Havant, Hampshire. Since 2008, our blend of comedy drama, puppetry, music, masks and physical theatre has enchanted audiences and consistently received excellent reviews. Focusing chiefly on original devised work, we have also given Jacobean Tragedy the SOOP treatment, worked on community projects and have a long running comedy improv show. In 2011, we received two nominations in The Guide Awards, for Best Professional Production (Bob & Doris Are Not Afraid) and Best Comedy for Instant Soop, which claimed the runner-up prize. Our most recent show was Radio Soop – an hilarious pastiche of 1950s live radio broadcasts, in which the actors provided all the voices and the majority of the sound effects live on stage.


devised, comedy-drama, physical theatre
age 14+
We would recommend parental guidance
for children under 13 years due to scenes of stylised
violence and interrogation.
75 mins