Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival    June 20-23 2013

The Boy Who Fell in Love with the Stars

White Hippos Productions

The sun goes down and the sky goes dark; it is time for bed, it is time for an adventure.

Remembering a dream he once had as a child, a man takes a journey across the cosmos and discovers a truth long forgotten. Alien worlds, giant robots and the snazziest pair of pyjamas ever, collide in an audio-visual treat, as interactive images and animations lead to a trip beyond the stars.

Drink your cocoa; brush your teeth, snuggle up somewhere warm and get ready to hear a story.

A bedtime story for the Universe.




About White Hippos Productions

The White Hippos are a Devon based theatre company who will be performing for a seventh consecutive year at this year’s Fringe TheatreFest. With ten completely original productions to our name, as well as productions created by others through improvisational workshops the White Hippos continue to grow an extensive catalogue of work. From Ealing comedy style farces, fantasy and science-fiction based adventures to politically charged deconstructions of the media and financial systems. We continue our quest to find out exactly what the difference is, between a comedy-drama and a dramatic comedy.

The Boy Who Fell in Love with the Stars will debut at this year’s TheatreFest.

Here are some reviews from our previous productions:

Straight and Narrow
“The actors on stage create wonderful chemistry in a range of roles throughout this humorous yet thought provoking piece.”
Fringe Secrets

The Brown Parachute
"A wonderful portrayal of why the country is suffering from the current financial crisis. A very cleverly researched piece of theatre, explaining ‘Banking Failure for Dummies’, with the aid of a packet of Revels and a glass of water. White Hippos return with a bang!"
Fringe Secrets

Description of Everything
"Such a lively mixture of fantasy and reality, with a gripping plot and charming characters. The White Hippos return with their current production, using magical sound and dramatic lighting, to create a fast-paced and funny '˜Quest' for water and freedom. Using interesting and unique props, the stage comes alive as the White Hippos take you to Africa, and beyond, making the show completely original, and refreshing. Hilarious Sci-fi quips, fuelled by current affairs, perfect this comedy-drama.
Annabelle Mantziou, Fringe Secrets

The Sparkling Fragile
"Wow absolutely fantastic, slick and flawless. Best performance at the Fringe so far!"


age 7+

20 mins

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