Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 19th-22nd 2014

Hammering Near Glass

CAKE Productions

neo-noir drama
age 14+
limited strong language, reference to self-harm
70 mins

In this psychological thriller, a game of cat-and-mouse ensues that explores the nature of empathy, and challenges the seemingly positive values of unconditional love and confidentiality.

If you loved Breaking Bad, you'll love this.

Self-harm is a subject still rarely spoken about, but this stunning new play by a south west theatre company dramatically explores the subject in the form of a neo-noir thriller.

Hammering Near Glass is a spider and fly story with self-harm at its core. A man has been found dead, and while the irritatingly persistent Detective Riley strives to get to the bottom of the case, social worker Ash does all she can to protect the main suspect, Alex, a troubled young man with a history of self-harming.

This original script was long-listed for the Bruntwood Prize, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Writer Elaine Ruth White explains: ‘This was a story that just had to be told. It’s a very human story, and as such it does not flinch from looking at the best and worst in us. As the plot unfolds, its twists and turns will take the audience on an unstoppable journey toward an unthinkable truth about what really happened. All who have read the script or taken part in its production gasp at the point the truth comes out.’

Actor Paul Henshall (Casualty, Holby, I’m With Stupid) said: ‘Playing Alex is a fantastic challenge for an actor.  He’s a very complex character who can shift dramatically in mood and emotion in order to survive.’

Hammering Near Glass is brought to the Barnstaple Fringe TheatreFest by CAKE Productions, a Cornwall based theatre company. The Cornwall-based cast include Holby regular, Paul Henshall (also Casualty, A Thing Called Love and I'm With Stupid), Michelle Dickson (Private Lives) and James Care (Devon and Demelza).

For further information, contact Elaine Ruth White at CAKE Productions on 07980 570087