Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 19th-22nd 2014

Quint-essentially Spectacular Vernacular!

Mishmash Productions

performance poetry
age suitability: first half 8+; second half 14+

first half: no content warning. second half: adult themes, sexual content and strong language
75 mins

Recapturing the essence of a moment, a memory, or a feeling, Spectacular Vernacular is back for its 5th year! “Quint-essentially Spectacular Vernacular!”

“Quintessentially; typically, essentially, characteristically, ideally, in essence”

This vibrant show finds original exciting pieces from local or national & international writers and performers, and presents them using diverse methods. It challenges what poetry is, and can be, and celebrates it!

Presenting poetry in as many forms and using as many methods as it can, this vibrant, passionate, and engaging show includes music, rap, song, dance and video.

“We have something deeply important to tell you, our distilled thoughts seeking to recapture the essence of a moment, a memory, a feeling big or small. Seeking the emotion, the truth, and the rhythm, Spectacular Vernacular is back with….quint-essentially…..Spectacular Vernacular!”

Last year “The Fringe Secrets” (The independent review of Fringe theatrefest 2013) said:
“Spectacular Vernacular goes fourth is, in a word, superb!”

A 2013 Fringe Review Recommended Show, the international “Fringe Review” website said
“As a whole the show is a joy to watch… the audience is held, engaged and entertained for the full hour… seriously beautiful poems that require close attention, fierce performance poetry thrown at you to give a humorous take on social issues….songs from talented singers …the audience are moved between energy and reflection….It's pace and variety gives a vitality that holds the audience captive.”

“Fringe Secrets” 2011 said:
“This hyperactive ride is dripping with talent and brim-full of creative ideas… Simply wonderful.”