Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 19th-22nd 2014


Sam and Lucy

age 12+

30 mins

Raw, charged and physical. Welcome offers its audience a unique and immersive experience through a playful take on the performers' experiences and associations with North Devon. The duo invite their audience to share in their journey.

Sam Gilroy

Emerging as a dance artist, Sam graduates from Falmouth University this year with a focus on vulnerability, integrating her research of auto-ethnography into her choreographic and performance practice. Sam has had the opportunity to work with h2dance, TAVAZIVA Dance and Lois Taylor and is performing in this year's Fringe TheatreFest with colleague Lucy Freeman.

Lucy Freeman

Graduating this year, dance artist Lucy Freeman looks towards the notion of the self as integral to her practice. Training includes Royal Academy of Dance, Falmouth University, Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Valencia and she is set to join Mapdance 2015, undertaking a Masters Degree.

The production is supported by Falmouth University