Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 19th-22nd 2014

First Steps

WIRM theatre

Walking Performance
age 14+

45 mins

Whilst one re-walked his life the other searched for a travelling writer. WIRM Theatre presents two contrasting representations of walking projects as a double bill. Watch the mobility of a walk mapped onto the static studio space.

“First steps is a collaboration between performance makers Joe Vaughan and Tom Vinyl.

The show is an integration of walking projects undertaken by Vaughan and Vinyl respectively. Structured as a double bill, the two shows present contrasting approaches to walking itself, and the representation of walking performance in a studio environment. The first show Where is Robert Macfarlane is an introspective analysis of Vaughan’s long distance walks in search of renowned writer Robert Macfarlane. The second A Life’s Walk is an anarchic, high energy retelling of Vinyl’s attempt to re-map his own life story on the southwest coast path.

expect thoughtful, insightful dissections of what it is to search, to live and to walk and enjoy the vastly different approaches to walking as a work of art.

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