Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 19th-22nd 2014


Yo Yo

age 12+

30 mins

"Her soul died that night under a radiant silver moon... Her body was untouched... But looking into those emotionless eyes one wondered had they suffered much before the soul had left them?" - Helen Zenna Smith. How those on the frontline at home came to terms with horrors of WW1

A contemporary dance piece set in post WW1 London, where society struggles to cope with the physical and emotional aftermath of events.

Against the backdrop of 'The Ceremony of The Unknown Soldier' weaves the stories of 3 women - one grieves a son, one grieves a lover, and the last grieves a life that she does not get the chance to live.

Loosely inspired by the 2014 novel Wake by Anna Hope, with an original score composed by Tom Nordon and costumes by Bridget Scott.

"Today the real test of power is not capacity to make war, but capacity to prevent it." - Anne O'Hare McCormick.

Performed by Clare China, Helen Watts and Sarah King.