Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 19th-22nd 2014

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Dante Undone
Almost Human

Following last year's hit, Dante's Divine Comedy using DIY filmmaking machines and puppets of paper and plastic; a cinematic rollercoaster from the depths of hell to the lights of heaven.
live film-making 12+ 60 mins

Miss Givings
A'Nother Productions

A one-woman play with music about a year in the life of a musical superstar-to-be with songs by American legends Samuel Barber, Amy Beach, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland and the Gershwins.
play with music 13+ 60 mins

Purgatory Passengers
Autojeu Theatre

Join us at an airport. The check-in is closing. As the clock ticks away some rather unusual chaps appear out of the wood work. Expect fart noises, exploding chickens, and a departure like no other!
comedy-drama 8+ 35 mins

Chet Baker, Love
Brite Theater

A (de-)construction of a real life relationship, Chet Baker, Love explores the ideals of love, the feeling of regret and first and foremost how a piece of music can define a relationship.
verbatim, comedy-drama 15+ 45 mins

Hammering Near Glass
CAKE Productions

In this psychological thriller, a game of cat-and-mouse ensues that explores the nature of empathy, and challenges the seemingly positive values of unconditional love and confidentiality.
neo-noir drama 14+ 70 mins

Noir: A Dick Privet Mystery
Croon productions

When Dick Privet is hired to find Jonny Volent, he finds he's not alone. Femme fatale, Lola Meme is in deep. Together they witness a murder and try to out-fox the heavies. Will Dick get answers?
puppet theatre 12+ 60 mins

Poetry Ping Pong
Daniel Haynes and Robert Garnham

It's 50000 AD and a new bloodsport rules... Legends of poetry through the ages are resurrected to battle in the deadly game they call Poetry Ping Pong. Only two remain...
spoken word 14+ 55 mins

Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter
Emily Rose

A one-woman musical about the daughter of an orthodox Rabbi who falls in love with her best friend, Sarah, whilst being engaged to the perfect match.
musical-theatre 12+ 60 mins

Traditional Tales with a Twist
Entertainingly Different

Join Rob & Dex for an interactive storytelling show which will amuse and enthrall Festival goers of all ages. The dynamic duo promise a heady mix of slapstick, song, dance, stories and surprises!
family-friendly theatre 3+ 55 mins

Seven Missed Meals Leads to Anarchy
Four Average Tomatoes Theatre Company

Food waste is an issue that we all know about, yet not all of us choose to prevent. The problem starts at food companies, supermarkets, government. How do we stop this crime? Yes it is a CRIME.
political theatre, agit prop 14+ 45 mins

Meet the Real Maggie Thatcher
Gerundagula Productions

A highly original concept in modern drama by Liverpool's radical touring company, Meet the Real Maggie Thatcher provides an engaging insight into one of the most notorious political leaders of our era.
contemporary drama 15+ 45 mins

Threnody for the Sky Children
Jack Dean

A surreal modern fable that draws inspiration from Ovid's epic poem Metamorphoses and fuses mythology and music with a hint of zombie apocalypse.
theatre, spoken word, storytelling 14+ 45 mins

Armstrong: Revolutionist(s)
Mads Floor Andersen & Sam Gibbs

Two men place their musical footprints in the midst of 1969. The question is not "is there music on the moon?" but rather "what Jazz is played in the cosmos?" Join us for some warmth and a smile.
drama 8+ 30 mins

Quint-essentially Spectacular Vernacular!
Mishmash Productions

In its 5th spectacular year, this vibrant show recaptures the essence of moments, memories and feelings. Sourcing exciting work from "big" & "small" names, this is a celebration of what poetry can be.
performance-poetry 8+; 14+ 75 mins

Out There Theatre

A beautifully bittersweet tale of friendship and creativity. These are the memoirs of an imaginary friend.
drama 12+ 40 mins

Getting Lost In My Hometown
Paul Richards

Cambridge-based Paul Richards in a chirpy, unexpectedly heart-warming 50 minutes, complete with the shortest pub quiz in the world and a dreadful romantic ballad.
storytelling, comedy 12+ 50 mins

Throoo... the Gates!
Project: Dance!

A Musical Story of how Monsters try to make friends with Humans, but will they succeed? A tale told through many mediums of dance, drama and musical theatre. Perhaps you can join in?!
dance, variety 4+ 60 mins

Snakes! The Musical
Quite Nice Theatre

PRIOR TO THE WEST END! A young director has written a musical about some snakes on a plane. He thinks it's going to be a massive hit. He just needs 50million to make it happen. MUST SEE - The Stage
musical comedy 14+ 70 mins

Rabblerouse Theatre

In 2015, Sophie is the only employee of an otherwise staff-less supermarket. In 1812,George's livelihood is under threat from the new wave of industry sweeping across England.
drama 12+ 45 mins

Johnny Mathis Killed Our Christmas

Silhouetted in the window of their suburban home a couple are silently sharing their festive meal. A semi-detached black comedy of secrets and daily rituals. Warning, may contain nuts.
comedy-drama 14+ 50 mins

Half an hour with Rob Barratt
Rob Barratt

Rob Barratt is a comic poet and singer from Cornwall. He combines clever word-play with satire, verse and song. Rob deals with such crucial topics as distressed furniture and the temperature in Aberdeen.
spoken word comedy 15+ 30 mins

Umbrella Courtship
Rock Lives

We celebrate the life of the great Victorian benefactor of Barnstaple through his virtually unknown literary talent. Join us in William Rock's Athenaeum for some Victorian after dinner entertainment.
drawing-room drama 10+ 20 mins

Sam and Lucy

A young contemporary dance duo attend to the notions of leaving home, creating an immersive experience for the audience.
dance 12+ 30 mins

Tessa Waters

A feisty physical comedy. "Roars of side-splitting laughter" ★★★★★ Three Weeks. Come party with WOMANz as she dances you through her world of wobbly, femmy, sexy, lovey, arty, grindy good bits.
physical comedy 16+ 55 mins

Open The Book... Of a Thousand Words
The Monday Collective

Open the book and the words and pictures come out to meet you... taking you into the world you can see from the window. A performance to widen the eyes, minds and imaginations of everyone who joins in.
site-specfic performance all ages 45 mins

The Lost Tales of Devon
Theatre Rush

The Story Exchange staff are highly skilled story tellers. Armed with pens, paper and combined imaginations, they will take you on a journey of Devonian discoveries you'll never believe!
theatre 5+ 50 mins

Broken Angels
Thrice Three Muses

Hows it going? you will ask. Ill reply, Its good, and you? Ive lied so long, the truth seems wrong. A hidden thought unless you knew An honest, vivid portrait of mental illness.
theatre, discussion, forum 14+ 60 mins

Life Deconstructed
Two Seats Four Cheeks

Two improvisers take you on a hilarious, moving and at times painfully familiar journey through a myriad of characters, places and worlds, explores how people get to the place they're in now.
improv comedy theatre 16+ 45 mins

The Boy Who Fell in Love with the Stars
White Hippos Productions

Alien worlds, giant robots and the snazziest pair of pyjamas ever, collide in an audio-visual treat, as interactive images and animations lead to a trip beyond the stars.
comedy-drama 7+ 30 mins

First Steps
WIRM theatre

Whilst one re-walked his life the other searched for a travelling writer. Two contrasting representations of walking projects mapped onto the static studio space.
Walking Performance 14+ 45 mins

hansel & gretel
wolf + water arts co & many directions

A moving retelling of the classic fairy tale using theatre, film & dance. Remember - everybody gets a little lost sometimes...
theatre 12+ 75 mins

Women of an Uncertain Age
Flip Webster and Maggie Bourgein

Flip and Maggie are back! Sharing with you what it means to be a 50+ woman in the 21st Century whilst showing off their latest dance moves, they're older but no better-behaved.
comedy sketch show 14+ 60 mins

Yo Yo

"Her soul died that night under a radiant silver moon." - Helen Zenna Smith. How those on the frontline at home came to terms with horrors of WW1
dance 12+ 30 mins