Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Graveside Manner

Bill Jones

comedy, poetry
age 14+

45 mins

Overwhelmed by melancholy, Miserable Malcolm (Bill Jones) seeks to entertain with poems about death and despair and excerpts from a truly disheartening novel. But, somehow, he can’t keep off the subject of his ex-girlfriend Mavis and her new boyfriend. And how happy they are.

“Bill Jones ... spreads his unique brand of miserablism to great comic effect.”
Gloucestershire Echo

Miserable Malcolm (Bill Jones) has recently embarked on a Tour of Misery, taking Graveside Manner to some of the happiest towns in Britain and trying to bring the mood in them down a bit. So far, the tour has included Stroud, Cheltenham and the Brighton Fringe, and he’s looking for other “happiness-hotspots” to visit soon.

Malcolm also runs the successful Miserable Poets’ Cafe in Stroud, an Open Mic night exclusively for miserable poems.