Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Red Flag over Bermondsey

Journeymen Theatre

historical drama
age 15+

65 mins

Where to start with Ada Salter? Radical, campaigner for equal rights, socialist, republican, pacifist, environmentalist and a leading light in the transformation of the Bermondsey slums in the early twentieth century.

'This was a truly fantastic performance. I'd like to think, with some modesty, that I have the right to say so. I've acted onstage for the National Theatre Hamlet (with Daniel Day Lewis and Judi Dench), and also with the RSC for Henry 1Vs, and a lot of telly.

Lynn Morris was terrific! A fluent, clear, coherent performanced that really knocked me out. And the material, the script, the research, the clarity of exposition and the urgent relevance of it all to today's Britain in 2015, really, truly and utterly knocked me out!...........Just SEE IT, AND SEE IT AGAIN!'
Ian Flintoff, actor director and founder of Pitchfork Production