Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

The Big Purple & Green Project:Dance! Time Machine


dance, variety
age 4+

60 mins

The audience will be treated to time travel, accompanying three somewhat reluctant students to complete a project about dance through the ages. Guided by Ticky and the Timeguide and powered by the audience, off we go to land..........where and when?

Our students are all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities and we totally believe in inclusivity. We may not be the slickest performers but we think we are the happiest!

We are looking forward to the journey, showcasing our year of hard work and how enthusiastic all our performers are, from the dancers, to the musical theatre and drama students. The drama group do the storyboard to kick it all off and away we go.

You'll leave smiling!