Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015


Hugh McCann

ages 14+
strong language
60 mins

The nervous excitement was palpable, like when cows go in fields for the summer. We discussed why everyone should paint daily, why the government were rubbish and how all homophobes and racists should be persecuted to the ends of this earth and sterilised. I was really doing it, I was finally a smug little bellend. I chain-smoked rollups and lit them with a match. One girl started screaming. This was the night I met Joe.

Ensuite is a coming of age story, following the macbook-toting avant garde of Shoreditch, and Hugh’s attempt to become one (he doesn’t quite manage). From the funky confines of halls to Francis Bacon’s screaming lover to the birdsong of Kew Gardens we see Hugh clumsily evolve from man-child to older man-child.

Ensuite is Hugh McCann’s debut piece of writing, with direction from New Model Theatre’s Tom Nicholas, and support from the Bike Shed Theatre.

“a gifted writer adept at weaving numerous narrative strands into an engaging whole” – Exeunt Magazine on Ensuite

“Beautifully executed, with a clever script and a sterling performance from McCann… phenomenal talent.” - The Guardian on Static