Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

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The Jolly Oddities

Nought Point Nought is a moving piece that focuses on society's attitudes to parenting and how that is often far removed from the actual experiences of parents and want-to-be parents. Fast-paced, hard hitting and darkly satirical, you may not love it but you won't forget it.
drama 16+ 60 mins

603 Miles
Cyclone Theatre

Two brothers. One urn. No clue. When Michael Doherty dies his sons are obliged to take his ashes back home to Ireland. The only stipulations: leave immediately, only use the money in the envelope and show their old man a good time on the way. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
comedy-drama 14+ 70 mins

Aesop's Fables
Autojeu Theatre

Aesop loved a good fable. Be it Hare and Tortoise or Lion and Mouse, his tales mixed it with the best of them. This is Aesop at his funniest. From the team that brought you Beowulf comes a comedy with a moral heart.
comedy-theatre, family show 5+ 45 mins

All Fall Apart
Blasted Fiction

If this were a play it'd have two acts and a fifteen minute interval. If this were a musical there'd be a cast of forty and a live band. If this were a football match it'd be the F.A Cup Final. But this isn't. This is something quite different.
contemporary devised theatre 15+ 55 mins

Beyond The Frontline
Yo Yo Dance Company

In this dynamic and moving contemporary dance piece, Yo Yo have developed last year's offering Frontline. Set in post WW1 London, society struggles to cope with the aftermath of the atrocities.
dance 10+ 30 mins

Once upon a Parachute

Love FROZEN or hate it, you will laugh your stripy socks off at these two lovable clowns and their puppet rock band. Join Nicko, the beardy Australian and Cat (CBBC) for a fun, dynamic and super-silly show where your kids save the day. Featuring comedy songs, live music and real magic.
children's theatre 3+ 45 mins

Glevum Players

Sara catches Ben with her drunk sister wrapped round him and throws him out. Forced to take lodgings, Ben arrives at the house of Mrs Schiller. He is plunged into a bizarre series of conversations and flashbacks that lets him take stock of his married life.
black comedy 16+ 45 mins

Hugh McCann

A coming of age story, following the macbook-toting avant garde of Shoreditch, and Hughís attempt to become one (he doesnít quite manage). From the funky confines of halls to Francis Baconís screaming lover to the birdsong of Kew Gardens we see Hugh clumsily evolve from man-child to older man-child.
comedy-theatre 14+ 60 mins

Fooligan: How To Be Happy
Ichinen Sanzen Productions

"Funny, Touching, Emotional" FOOLIGAN presents an improvised one man show that will show you "How To Be Happy". Or your money back!!! "Passionate Achingly-Honest Ranting Touching Sensitive Real Mr Ordinary Man Exposed Conscientious Freedom Fighter Parodist and Parent"
stand-up theatre 16+ 60 mins

Documental Theatre & Symbiotic Theatre

Three days into motherhood, Rachel doesnít recognise herself. Thereís nothing Sam wonít do to keep his family together, but how do you beat an enemy you canít see? A visceral and inspiring story of hard-won recovery, and the resilience couples find when their world is falling apart.
drama 14+ 70 mins

Generation We
Sam & Lucy

"Two young ladies with bags of energy and talent" Glyn Seal. Sam and Lucy come together for a second year to create Generation We. Inspired by human relations and fueled by their own experiences, the dancers explore the desire for connection through dynamic storytelling.
dance theatre 12+ 30 mins

Graveside Manner
Bill Jones

Overwhelmed by melancholy, Miserable Malcolm (Bill Jones) seeks to entertain with poems about death and despair but, somehow, canít keep off the subject of his ex-girlfriend, Mavis. "Bill Jones spreads his unique brand of miserablism to great comic effect." Gloucestershire Echo
comedy, poetry 14+ 45 mins

CAKE Productions

In this 45-minute show for all ages, expect music, mime and mayhem galore as our silent hero, Johan, does battle with his nemesis, Scylla the Storyteller, and goes on to discover how, if you aren't very, very careful, shopping really can swallow you up!
comedy drama and physical theatre 6+ 45 mins

Lyrically Minded
Mishmash Productions

This is a story about a girl. Girl meets world, settles down, and has stories. This is a story about working out what to do with life. What will happen when at 4am that girl realises, not only that truth is relative, but that truth is a relative who's coming to tea?!
spoken word - theatre 15+ 75 mins

Mr Merrick, The Elephant Man
Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

This respected and popular theatre company bring you the first ever completely factual account of Joseph Carey Merrick and the relationship with his doctor, Frederick Treves. Skilfully includes film interaction and an authentic Victorian soundtrack.
drama 14+ 60 mins

Network Tales
Restless Theatre

Get carried away on a madcap journey of love, despair and lost network connections. Solve the mystery of the dead dog, Stonehenge and a battered sausage. Try out the latest in coffee cup technology. Plus, get your engine running with our guide to coupling on the tracks.
comedy-drama 12+ 60 mins

Norse Tales
Spaniel in the Works Theatre Company

Journey with Odin, Thor, Freya and Loki from Ginnungagap (the creation of the world) to Ragnarok (the end of the world) with a stop off for lunch at Valhalla. This lively, funny, family show retells Viking myths using puppets, rhyme and song.
comedy 7+ 60 mins

No Unpleasant Bending
Whittall & Green

Witty surreal humour and musical virtuosity. Whittall and Green are truly unique and innovative. Their theatrical approach make them engaging and quirky. The compositions are rich in sharply observed human situations; some are very dark and others tender.
clown, satire, monologues, comedy songs 18+ 60 mins

Red Flag over Bermondsey
Journeymen Theatre

Where to start with Ada Salter? Radical, campaigner for equal rights, socialist, republican, pacifist, environmentalist and a leading light in the transformation of the Bermondsey slums in the early twentieth century.
historical drama 15+ 65 mins

Richard III (a one-woman show)
Brite Theater

Pushing the boundaries of Shakespearean Performance, Brite Theater have re-imagined Richard III as a one-woman show. The fourth wall has been obliterated as the audience take on the roles of the other characters at Richard's party. What part will you play?
drama, audience interaction, solo performance, storytelling 12+ 65 mins

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother
Spit and Sawdust Theatre Company

A one-man-show about a man growing up with a mother suffering from Anorexia. This new, hard-hitting piece tells his story, as he unpacks the memories and experiences that shaped his childhood. "Real experience laid bare ... revealing and uncompromising" (Exeunt Magazine).
drama, solo performance, verbatim 16+ 50 mins

Something Rotten

Hamlet's Uncle Claudius: fratricidal, incestuous usurper, or hard-working Danish patriot and family man? Robert Cohen, creator of Fringe TheatreFest'13 hit High Vis, returns to present a king's eye view of the events depicted - or should we say slanted? - in Shakespeare's masterpiece.
one-man drama 14+ 60 mins

Still or Sparkling?
PIDGE Theatre

Water is everything and so we are getting deep - way out of our depth - and we are messing about in the shallows as well. Unexpected, fun and intriguing. If you have water in your body you'll love Still or Sparkling? If you're an eletrical appliance you probably won't.
comedy - performance lecture - poetry 12+ 50 mins

Dirty Mimes

An absurd, funny and highly physical show. Stuff mixes clowning, mime and puppetry to propel you through this fun and touching show about love. Created by Sean Kempton, long time lead clown for Cirque Du Soleil and returning home to North Devon to premiere his first solo show.
physical theatre, comedy 14+ 45 mins

White Hippos Productions

White Hippos return for their 9th TheatreFest with a funny and heartwarming show that proves Superheroes aren't just for comic books and the silver screen, they are all around us and have been our entire lives. Tall: True Tales of Friendship and the Potentially Superpowered.
comedy drama 12+ 45 mins

The Big Purple & Green Project:Dance! Time Machine

Join Project:Dance! on their journey throughout all time, where you will meet Time Guide & Ticky, they are helping three pupils discover all ages of dance.
dance, variety 4+ 60 mins

The Elephant Dress
Antler & Feather

The debut performance from Antler & Feather. Poignant, funny and thought-provoking, The Elephant Dress tells the story of a young woman's friendship with her eating disorder. Follow her internal debate between life and not wanting to kill off someone she loves.
comedy-drama 16+ 60 mins

The Fruits of Failure
Almost Human

A live documentary that examines the life of the legendary performance artist Lesley Roscoe. Almost Human blend live and recorded footage to create a film as strange, chaotic and beautiful as the life it portrays. Multimedia performance where both film and theatre fall apart.
experimental theatre 18+ 45 mins

The Open Couple
TicTac Theatre

During this farce by Dario Fo, a wife threatens suicide because of her husband's infidelity. He doesn't understand why he can't have both wife and mistress... Miscommunication, mind games and emotional blackmail have hilarious consequences in this drafty, open marriage.
farce (comedy-drama) 14+ 50 mins

The world and the stuff what happened in it...
Autojeu Theatre

A madcap look into the events of this fair planet. A Room At The Top special that brings pure silliness to all who enter. Following on from Purgatory Passengers and The Idea, this is another clownic comedy for all to enjoy.
comedy 8+ 40 mins

Almost Human

Hi. This is a site-specific performance. A love letter to the town. That means you will be walking, and in this case, on your own. But don't worry, I will stay with you. Now follow me. We need to find the others.
promenade, site-specific, interactive installation, food performance 12+ 30 mins

Traditional Tales with a Twist 2
Entertainingly Different

Rob & Dex have put their twist on a couple more well known tales and make a welcome return to the Fringe with a large dose of family friendly fun. "Expertly crafted and delivered, laugh-out-loud fun at its very best - entertaining and different" Jemma Clancy (Fringe Theatrefest'14)
family-friendly storytelling show 3+ 60 mins

You All Know Me, I'm Jack Ruby!
Clifford Barry

Dallas. November 24 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald, suspected assassin of President John Kennedy, is gunned down by nightclub owner Jacob Rubenstein. An underworld hit by the Mafia's man in Dallas. Really? Meet Jack Ruby. "absolutely terrific" THE LIST. Best Male - LONDON SOLO 2014.
drama 15+ 60 mins