Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

Travellers' Tales

Above Bounds Theatre Collective

children's theatre
age 3-7

40 mins

John says that there’s no such thing as mermaids but Sally wants to convince him otherwise. Join these budding explorers as they search land and sea, cross exotic borders and enter unknown realms to find out if the things they read about in stories really exist. But who will they meet and what stories will they hear? Travellers’ Tales invites you on a journey of discovery. Hear the sounds of Egypt, see the animals from India and discover pirate stories from the Caribbean as John and Sally re-imagine traditional tales from around the World. A show suitable for all the family devised by Helen Bovey and George Boundy!

Above Bounds are an emerging theatre collective creating exciting work for young audiences. With every story, they aim to educate, entertain and inspire using a mixture of comedy, puppetry and mask.

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twitter: @abovebounds