Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

Banging Fun Stuff


comedy, music, story-telling
ages 14+
some language
55 mins

The Cutlery Crew wants everyone to have fun, feel uplifted and prance joyfully about the place. But a crime has been committed and all hope rests upon PC Pauline, a worrisome Policewoman searching for suspects. Donít let her gangliness fool you. There is a cunning mind buried deep ... deep down inside her; stored next to her sexy siren. She solves crime. She can twirl and jump through a hoop and clap like a banshee. She was shortlisted for the Policewoman of the Year 1999. But her fate is in your hands...

Comedy, clowning and live/sonic functional music combine to create a new semi-improvised physical comedy format: Banging Fun Stuff (BFS).

The Cutlery Crew are an awesome or terrible twosome depending on whether you're facing North or South. One makes up funny stories and throws herself round the stage. She likes to twirl and then jump and give you an awful fright.

The other nods his head slowly, he may or may not be paying attention. He makes sonic noise or bangs some stuff. he may have Stockholm Syndrome as he can no longer remember the way home.

Both love spoons.

They are Amanda Kelleher and Joshua Rayman.

They were called 'superb' at Edinburgh Fringe 2014.