Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Sun & Moon Theatre

Shakespeare comedy-drama
age 10+

75 mins

I leave myself, my friends and all, for love ... thou hast metamorphosed me'

Cynical Valentine leaves Verona for university in Milan and falls in love ... with the Dean's daughter. When starry-eyed Proteus joins him, leaving behind his long-term girlfriend, Julia, he falls for Valentine' fiancée, risking both his friendship and his long-distance relationship.

Sun & Moon Theatre debuts at TheatreFest with a vibrant new production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Updated to the late 1950s and early 1960s, this adaptation predominantly takes place in a 1960s university in a colourful 'Swinging London' vision of Shakespeare's Milan. This production explores the changeability of 'love' in youth with humour, melancholy and bite, focusing on what matters most when growing up - your friendships, your desires, and yourself. One of Shakespeare's first and most wildly underrated plays, prepare to be entertained by the follies of youth and transported back nearly 60 years in time.

Sun & Moon Theatre was formed in 2013, originally under the name Midsummer Madness Theatre Company. Their aim is to delight their audiences and create joyous theatre, specialising in Shakespeare, classical theatre, literary adaptations and storytelling.

‘Even for people like us, who know very little about the works of Shakespeare, it was a highly entertaining and enjoyable evening. We even learned something!’ ‘… seamless and stunningly acted’ ‘… moments of brilliance and an infectious delight in performing’ (The Sun and the Moon: Shakespeare's Lovers 2015)

‘A highly entertaining production … full of warmth and humour, with strong performances’ (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2014)

‘A wonderfully joyous performance … from a strong cast who confidently bridge the gap between audience and stage’ (Twelfth Night 2013)