Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

A Forgotten Place

Self Assemble Theatre

Self Assemble Theatre returns with a new production titled ‘A Forgotten Place’

This play is set in 1920’s rural England where a village lays amongst a valley, remote from other local towns or cities.

The play follows the story of a young woman who falls in love with a stranger and is thrown into emotional turmoil when she discovers her home, the village, is to be destroyed and sunk to make way for the building of a new dam.

Self Assemble Theatre continues to make solo devised theatre performance. The company is committed to developing imaginative theatre that offers strong engaging stories and characters that all share a common and universal appeal to new and existing audiences.

A Forgotten Place Theatre reviews!!!

Our Coronation Hall audience in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire said:
“Great story!” “Heroic, tremendous performance.” “A very moving story, factual and enlightening.” “I enjoyed being in this little magical bubble of storytelling.”

Our Site Gallery audience in Sheffield City Centre said:
“Charming, funny and moving”, “Great mixture of humorous and serious moments in the play. Very engaging and excellent!” “Fantastic, this solo devised drama totally captured my imagination.” “You could feel the emotion. Thank you for a wonderful performance.”