Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016
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A Hammier Basis

Space is a premium commodity now. We're fitting closer together but we're still lonely. Lonely people do silly things. A Hammier Basis' production takes place in an area 3' by 3', looking at the people we share space with: scared, lonely, silly people who just want to fit in.
comedy 12+ 45 mins

A Forgotten Place
Self Assemble Theatre

This play is set in 1920s rural England and follows the story of a young woman who falls in love with a stranger. She is thrown into emotional turmoil when she discovers her village is to be destroyed and sunk to make way for the building of a new dam.
drama 14+ 55 mins

Banging Fun Stuff

A crime has been committed and all hope rests upon PC Pauline, a worrisome Policewoman. Don’t let her gangliness fool you. There is a cunning mind buried deep ... deep down. She was shortlisted for the Policewoman of the Year 1999. But her fate is in your hands...
comedy, music, story-telling 14+ 55 mins

Yo Yo

Based on a play of the same name, Bondagers draws on Sue Glover's lyrical writing, depicting the lives of female labourers on a Scottish Borders farm in 1860. Dancers embody the rhythm of the land, navigating toil, hope and humour in beautifully crafted dance theatre.
dance theatre 12+ 30 mins

Brickhead: Yeah Yeah, Yeah?

A clown show for adults! Absurd Lecoq-trained clown Brickhead takes you on a journey to worlds both weird and profound. An hour of bonkers, nonsensical humour. "Hard to explain and impossible not to like" (Fringe Review). "Ludicrous humour at its best" (Broadway Baby)
clown comedy 12+ 60 mins

Broken Air
Third Knock Theatre

A solo theatre performance inspired by Cornish artist Peter Lanyon’s untimely death after a gliding accident in 1964. Dynamic, imaginative, physical theatre balanced precariously between reality and fantasy, life and death, a cliff edge and a hospital bed.
solo physical theatre 12+ 45 mins

Cinco Coisas
Bianca Bertalot

A solo clown show inspired by the five basic developmental needs of a child – Place, Nurturing, Support, Protection and Limitation. Through dance, play, clowning and improvisation it proposes to lead the audience on a purely human experience.
clown, physical-theatre all ages 50 mins

Pilot's Thumb

"They had nothing on me but I was all they had." Louise, good time girl, and Paul, eccentric loner-an odd couple. But does that make him a murderer? What exactly happened during that walk back from the pub? And what about the witness?
drama - whodunit 12+ 45 mins

Death and the Data Processor
The Cock and Bulls

After ‘accidentally’ killing his boss, Ian must find himself a safe haven, and quick. Finding what seems like the village of his dreams, Ian embarks on a trek into the criminal underworld as you have never seen it before… Expect laughs, thrills, and some extreme puppet violence.
comedy-drama 14+ 60 mins

Dog Show
Sylvia Hunt Presents

Coiffed and teased to perfection; clipped and trimmed in the right places, Dog Show is a cabaret of canine high jinks and biscuit slobbering joy. Sylvia's show is bursting with comic characterisations exploring the relationship we share with our canine friends.
comedy, clown, puppetry adult 12+ 60 mins

Drive By
Drive By Productions

A 1:1 interactive performance in a car. Where each journey is immersive and unique to every participant. Join us as we are faced with various crossroads and a few surprises on the way. Making this will be a trip to remember. Who knows, you might even meet a friend!
one-to-one performance 16+ 20 mins

Forget Me Not - The Alzheimer's Whodunnit
Rob Gee

Comic, poet & psychiatric nurse Rob Gee (A witty, skilful storyteller - Chortle) presents a murder mystery set on an Alzheimer’s Ward. Fresh from sell out tour of Canada. ★★★★★ “Hilarious & Heartbreaking” Victoria Times; ★★★★★ “Remarkable!” Edmonton Sun; ★★★★★ “Razor-sharp!” CBC
comedy/spoken word 16+ 60 mins

Granny Smith
Theatre Transformations

Granny Smith loves cooking so much she used to teach it in Britain. But when she retired she indulged her other love – France. Now settled there, she chatters in English and French about her gymnastics classes, her grandchildren, her life in France – and of course, her cooking.
family, mask, interactive 5+ 45 mins

Graveside Manner
Bill Jones

Miserable Malcolm returns to Barnstaple to attempt to entertain the audience once more with poems about death, awful chit-chat and a terrible adventure story. And yet he still can’t keep off the subject of his ex-girlfriend, Mavis. And her new boyfriend. And how happy they are.
spoken word/comedy 16+ 60 mins

Just Charming
James Luckraft-Law

In fairy tale every princess has a prince to sweep her off her feet, save the day, to live happily ever after. What if he doesn't live up to the dream? Here’s a man who doesn't fit into fairy tale. A comic look at gender, masculinity and sexuality against reality's make believe.
comedy-theatre 14+ 50 mins

Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show
Hambledon Productions

Tommy Cooper, with his impeccable timing, misfiring magic and quick-fire gags was an international star. "JLT!" embarks on a UK tour after a sell-out run at London's Museum of Comedy. This acclaimed tribute is the perfect celebration of Britain's favourite comedian.
comedy-variety-cabaret 10+ 60 mins

Krapp's Last Tape
James Elston

"Perhaps my best years are gone. When there was a chance of happiness." Krapp sits alone. He eats bananas. He drinks. He doesn't get out much. Listening to his old recordings Krapp reveals much about love, loss, relationships, death, and ultimately, himself.
theatre 12+ 40 mins

Lyrically Minded
Mishmash Productions

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, a girl is working out what to do with life. What will happen when she realises, not only that truth is relative, but that truth is a relative who's coming to tea?! Live visual art compliments spoken word, a large dustbin, sweets, and teacups!
contemporary theatre, comedy 12+ 45 mins

Mind Over Matt
Matt Cann

Live music, dance, stories, and complete randomness are all used to tell the story with a touch of improvisation. Pragmatic questions about ADHD, behaviour and sexuality. That’s if it doesn’t all go wrong (again). perhaps he should have taken those psychostimulants after all.
theatre 15+ 50 mins

My First Ten Sexual Failures and Other Stories About Growing Up

★★★★ – The New Current. The critically acclaimed PRAGUE/ STOCKHOLM/ ADELAIDE Fringe SELL-OUT Show is coming to Devon! Here's a story about the things boys and girls do to each other. About sex, coffee, relationships and other things that we are meant to have when we grow up.
*contains full-frontal male nudity
comedy-theatre 18+ 55 mins

Nose Business
Clown Noir

A physical comedy that combines clown, storytelling and circus skills. Joe Bloodworth, a homeless clown, busks for money. Yet the audience does not go to see his skills, they go to listen to the stories of his past. Exotic tales from Russia - the glamour, the drink, and the mafia.
clown theatre, comedy 15+ 60 mins


One. Un. Uno.... Unicycle. It is hard to be one sometimes, especially when one is on a unicycle. But surely, if any one could do it, that one would be David Bowie.
comedy-drama, one-to-one 12+ 10 mins

Shakespeare Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon
Drake’s Drummers Theatre Company

Shakespeare’s been kidnapped by Oberon. His greatest heroes must band together and work through the treacherous forest of Midsummer in order to rescue their creator. But with all not as it seems, will the team fracture once they’ve learned the shocking truth of their origins?
comedy, new writing 14+ 55 mins

Silver Secrets and Lies
Shoestring Theatre

So how do you feel about the "maturer generation's" loves, lives and lies? We all have a past. We all have baggage. Sometimes that baggage makes us judgemental and sometimes our past can catch us out. I mean "up". Catch us up. A taut, humorous thriller.
comical mystery drama 12+ 45 mins

Croon Productions

A puppet theatre Spaghetti Western. Two gunslingers ride into town, tumble-weed appears, the saloon hums, a bank job, the bell chimes, the coffinmaker is busy,the noose sways in the wind... A Wild West frontier town made from pianos materialises before your eyes!
puppet theatre 12+ 60 mins

Nick Hall

Comedian Nick Hall brings his one-man Cold War thriller to the Banstaple Fringe. In this fast-paced, energetic and hilarious multi-character show, Nick brings to life a vivid world of spying, suspense, seduction and most importantly - Scrabble!
comedy-drama 12+ 60 mins

The jewel you lost was blue
Sapta Dance Company

A community company of dancers aged 60 years & over follow their hearts from the last line of the poem 'Red' by Ted Hughes, wherever it leads them. The life experiences of the group shine through, bringing sensitivity and depth to this intriguing challenge.
contemporary dance 13+ 30 mins

The Moon, The Stars and the Little Wooden Shack
Project:Dance! Devon

Come and travel with us to the little wooden shack and beyond with a mix of dance, drama and song. Our cast are all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities. We may not be the slickest performers but we promise you will leave the show laughing, as always!
comedy, drama & dance all ages 45 mins

The Sentence
Lytton Productions

"It is the sentence of this court, that John Scrivener be burnt at the stake and that his daughter be compelled to light the fire." His crime? Translating the Bible into English. This powerful play explores language, justice and treatment of those who challenge authority.
drama 10+ 60 mins

The Totally Awesome Detective Agency
White Hippos Productions

In 1990 two childhood friends solved a mystery. They made the front page of the national newspapers, went on Going Live and they got a Blue Peter badge. 25 years later a new mystery needs solving, can they crack the case? Can they reform The Totally Awesome Detective Agency?
comedy-drama 12+ 50 mins

The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Sun & Moon Theatre

Proteus falls in love … with his best friend’s girlfriend. One of Shakespeare’s most wildly underrated plays & updated to a 1960s university, prepare to be entertained by the follies of youth & changeability of desire with humour, melancholy & bite in this vibrant production.
Shakespeare comedy-drama 10+ 75 mins

Travellers' Tales
Above Bounds Theatre Collective

John says that there’s no such thing as mermaids. Sally wants to convince him otherwise. Join these budding explorers on their quest. Hear the sounds of Egypt and discover pirate stories from the Caribbean as John and Sally re-imagine traditional tales from around the World.
children's theatre 3-7 40 mins

Tuuli Tuli Tulliin

Cool breeze, whirlwind, gale... We never see the air move, but it does. We see what it does, we feel its weight, but we can never package it up, put it in a box and keep it still. Inhale, exhale. Fan the flames, cross the border. New company, new show, new movement of air.
theatre 14+ 45 mins

Under African Skies
Gary Cordingley

This is the story of one boy's journey into manhood. When Mamadou runs away from his village, his adventures become a rite of passage. Each adventure a story to be told. Incorporating participation, live music and song, Gary tells this story with energy and compassion.
storytelling 8-98 60 mins

What's the Matter? A comedy about physics
The Last Baguette theatre company

An unexplained cat theft from a physics lab leads scientist Smithy on a journey inside his own experiment. As seen at the British Science Festival, a sci-fi adventure through the strange world of quantum physics. A very silly show about a very intelligent subject.
physical comedy 8-108 70 mins

When We Grow Up We’ll Be Old
Almost Human

Part fictional documentary, part fantasy adventure achieved through live film making as performance. Set in the Barnstaple Pannier Market, we follow the lives of two 15 year-old boys and their fantasy world counter-parts from the perspectives of their 25 year-old selves.
film as theatre 11+ 40 mins

Taw Graduate Dance Company

Yel(low) explores the idea that we are all second-hand people. From Day 1 we are nurtured, moulded and influenced by those around us and smothered by the opinions of others. How can we rid ourselves of these second-hand layers to become first-hand individuals?
contemporary dance 10+ 30 mins

You Have Mail
The Monday Collective

You have mail - marked as urgent. A message has arrived from ... somewhere, which must be understood and shared. Others may be depending on it. The audience are the messengers and we're tied up in something bigger than all of us. Don't shoot the messengers . They're only playing.
interactive participation scenario 10+ 45 mins