Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016
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Yo Yo

Based on a play of the same name, Bondagers draws on Sue Glover's lyrical writing, depicting the lives of female labourers on a Scottish Borders farm in 1860. Dancers embody the rhythm of the land, navigating toil, hope and humour in beautifully crafted dance theatre.
dance theatre 12+ 30 mins

The jewel you lost was blue
Sapta Dance Company

A community company of dancers aged 60 years & over follow their hearts from the last line of the poem 'Red' by Ted Hughes, wherever it leads them. The life experiences of the group shine through, bringing sensitivity and depth to this intriguing challenge.
contemporary dance 13+ 30 mins

The Moon, The Stars and the Little Wooden Shack
Project:Dance! Devon

Come and travel with us to the little wooden shack and beyond with a mix of dance, drama and song. Our cast are all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities. We may not be the slickest performers but we promise you will leave the show laughing, as always!
comedy, drama & dance all ages 45 mins

Taw Graduate Dance Company

Yel(low) explores the idea that we are all second-hand people. From Day 1 we are nurtured, moulded and influenced by those around us and smothered by the opinions of others. How can we rid ourselves of these second-hand layers to become first-hand individuals?
contemporary dance 10+ 30 mins