Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016
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Cinco Coisas
Bianca Bertalot

A solo clown show inspired by the five basic developmental needs of a child – Place, Nurturing, Support, Protection and Limitation. Through dance, play, clowning and improvisation it proposes to lead the audience on a purely human experience.
clown, physical-theatre all ages 50 mins

Drive By
Drive By Productions

A 1:1 interactive performance in a car. Where each journey is immersive and unique to every participant. Join us as we are faced with various crossroads and a few surprises on the way. Making this will be a trip to remember. Who knows, you might even meet a friend!
one-to-one performance 16+ 20 mins

Mind Over Matt
Matt Cann

Live music, dance, stories, and complete randomness are all used to tell the story with a touch of improvisation. Pragmatic questions about ADHD, behaviour and sexuality. That’s if it doesn’t all go wrong (again). perhaps he should have taken those psychostimulants after all.
theatre 15+ 50 mins


One. Un. Uno.... Unicycle. It is hard to be one sometimes, especially when one is on a unicycle. But surely, if any one could do it, that one would be David Bowie.
comedy-drama, one-to-one 12+ 10 mins

Croon Productions

A puppet theatre Spaghetti Western. Two gunslingers ride into town, tumble-weed appears, the saloon hums, a bank job, the bell chimes, the coffinmaker is busy,the noose sways in the wind... A Wild West frontier town made from pianos materialises before your eyes!
puppet theatre 12+ 60 mins

When We Grow Up We’ll Be Old
Almost Human

Part fictional documentary, part fantasy adventure achieved through live film making as performance. Set in the Barnstaple Pannier Market, we follow the lives of two 15 year-old boys and their fantasy world counter-parts from the perspectives of their 25 year-old selves.
film as theatre 11+ 40 mins

You Have Mail
The Monday Collective

You have mail - marked as urgent. A message has arrived from ... somewhere, which must be understood and shared. Others may be depending on it. The audience are the messengers and we're tied up in something bigger than all of us. Don't shoot the messengers . They're only playing.
interactive participation scenario 10+ 45 mins