Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016
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A Forgotten Place
Self Assemble Theatre

This play is set in 1920s rural England and follows the story of a young woman who falls in love with a stranger. She is thrown into emotional turmoil when she discovers her village is to be destroyed and sunk to make way for the building of a new dam.
drama 14+ 55 mins

Broken Air
Third Knock Theatre

A solo theatre performance inspired by Cornish artist Peter Lanyon’s untimely death after a gliding accident in 1964. Dynamic, imaginative, physical theatre balanced precariously between reality and fantasy, life and death, a cliff edge and a hospital bed.
solo physical theatre 12+ 45 mins

Pilot's Thumb

"They had nothing on me but I was all they had." Louise, good time girl, and Paul, eccentric loner-an odd couple. But does that make him a murderer? What exactly happened during that walk back from the pub? And what about the witness?
drama - whodunit 12+ 45 mins

Death and the Data Processor
The Cock and Bulls

After ‘accidentally’ killing his boss, Ian must find himself a safe haven, and quick. Finding what seems like the village of his dreams, Ian embarks on a trek into the criminal underworld as you have never seen it before… Expect laughs, thrills, and some extreme puppet violence.
comedy-drama 14+ 60 mins

Krapp's Last Tape
James Elston

"Perhaps my best years are gone. When there was a chance of happiness." Krapp sits alone. He eats bananas. He drinks. He doesn't get out much. Listening to his old recordings Krapp reveals much about love, loss, relationships, death, and ultimately, himself.
theatre 12+ 40 mins

Silver Secrets and Lies
Shoestring Theatre

So how do you feel about the "maturer generation's" loves, lives and lies? We all have a past. We all have baggage. Sometimes that baggage makes us judgemental and sometimes our past can catch us out. I mean "up". Catch us up. A taut, humorous thriller.
comical mystery drama 12+ 45 mins

Nick Hall

Comedian Nick Hall brings his one-man Cold War thriller to the Banstaple Fringe. In this fast-paced, energetic and hilarious multi-character show, Nick brings to life a vivid world of spying, suspense, seduction and most importantly - Scrabble!
comedy-drama 12+ 60 mins

The Sentence
Lytton Productions

"It is the sentence of this court, that John Scrivener be burnt at the stake and that his daughter be compelled to light the fire." His crime? Translating the Bible into English. This powerful play explores language, justice and treatment of those who challenge authority.
drama 10+ 60 mins

The Totally Awesome Detective Agency
White Hippos Productions

In 1990 two childhood friends solved a mystery. They made the front page of the national newspapers, went on Going Live and they got a Blue Peter badge. 25 years later a new mystery needs solving, can they crack the case? Can they reform The Totally Awesome Detective Agency?
comedy-drama 12+ 50 mins

The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Sun & Moon Theatre

Proteus falls in love … with his best friend’s girlfriend. One of Shakespeare’s most wildly underrated plays & updated to a 1960s university, prepare to be entertained by the follies of youth & changeability of desire with humour, melancholy & bite in this vibrant production.
Shakespeare comedy-drama 10+ 75 mins